Some great news, and some not as great news.

Okay, well, I’m not going to be writing all that much today, but I do want to make an important announcement, one to which I’ve been building up for some time:  “The Chasm and the Collision” is out!  Here are the two versions, paperback and Kindle, from which you can choose (or if you can’t decide, you can feel free to buy one of each.  Or more than one of each.  Why not?  ^_^  ).  Just click on the image and you’ll be brought to the Amazon page where the book is listed:

CatC cover paperback



CatC cover kindle


Unfortunately, on the very day it was released (two days ago, now), my mother’s health took a downward turn.  She was already in the hospital after having felt a bit weak and having some other, more specific troubles, and her situation had become more complicated than it was expected to become.  Certainly, it was more complicated than I had expected it to become.  Anyway, now I’m writing this while sitting in the Greyhound station in Knoxville while they clean the bus, having left from Fort Lauderdale (on a different bus) yesterday morning.  I have not spoken with my mother’s doctors directly, but my sister has, and my mother is apparently not expected to recover.  She is certainly very weak.

This makes the whole situation quite bittersweet.  My mother was very much looking forward to this book—at least she said so, and I believe her—so it’s unpleasantly ironic for it to have come out the very day her health took a downturn that may prevent her from reading it.

Incidentally, I apologize that the cover differs somewhat from paperback to Kindle.  For some reason, I was unable to reproduce the paperback’s cover for the Kindle version, so I had to do something else.  (Something Other, you might say.)  Looking back, I actually kind of like the forced, ad-hoc Kindle cover.  Maybe I’ll release a second edition of the paperback that has the same cover as the Kindle one.

Ugh, I feel like my writing is terrible right now.  Of course, that doesn’t stop it from coming out.  One thing I can say for me, I don’t have trouble just getting some words out onto paper (or computer, as the case may be).  But my brain is quite foggy.  Even though I’ve spent most of my time sleeping since leaving the south Florida area, no one could ever claim that sleeping on a bus is actually restful.  Well…I guess they could claim it, but they would be lying, and what on Earth could lead them to such a deception?

Perhaps they are on the payroll of the Greyhound company…

Okay, well, that’s really all I have to say, more or less.  I was hoping to be as excited as Hell (and those who know Hell know just how excitable it is) when I announced the release of CatC.  And I am excited, of course.  But it’s an excitement tempered by grim anticipation and worry.  Hopefully you readers can be excited on my behalf.  I would be deeply grateful.

Also, please call your mothers, if you still have that option.


The Chasm approaches – watch your step!

CatC promo

Okay, well, another week has passed, and we are a week closer to the release of “The Chasm and the Collision” in both paperback and E-book formats.  In fact, as the above Facebook ad shows, it will be released this month (which comes as no surprise to those of you who read last week’s posting).  Even more excitingly—to me, certainly—is that it will be released within the next two weeks, and possibly within the next week.  There are still a few variables at play, so I don’t want to be too specific. Continue reading

The Chasm and the Collision is coming soon – or is that ARE coming soon? No, it IS coming soon.

Okay, well, it’s another Thursday morning, and time for me to write my weekly blog post.  I’m abstaining from writing philosophical and/or political things, today.  Those essays don’t seem to get as much response as my more lighthearted posts, and I never do seem to get good discussions going about them, which is a severe disappointment.  I suppose in the era of Facebook, and especially Twitter, expecting people to read anything longer than 140 characters (or that is not in the form of even fewer characters, written on an amusing or startling or eye-catching picture) is a bit delusional, let alone expecting people to write anything of substance in response.

Sigh.  Sometimes I despair.


On to much more positive matters:  The Chasm and the Collision is going to be out sometime within the next month, and I want to start generating a bit of hype for it.  Having to edit and edit and edit and edit and to do layout and to prepare things for publication are all relatively mind-numbing tasks, especially with a fairly long book, but they are essential.  And they bear delicious fruit in the long run, so they’re well worth the effort.

Anyway, I want to give you all a little preview, or introduction, or whatever the term might be, of The Chasm and the Collision, beyond some of what I’ve written here previously.

The story would be categorized as a fantasy/adventure novel, but in some ways it’s almost science fiction, because even the fantastic elements of the story have their basis in what are, in the novel, natural phenomena.  There are no spells or demons or witches, etc., in other words.

The story centers around 3 pre-teen middle school students, Alex, Meghan, and Simon.  One day, they eat a bunch of particularly delicious berries they find in the fruit bowl in Alex’s house, assuming them to be a healthy snack that Alex’s mother has left for him.  Starting that night, they begin to have strange dreams of a world with a changeless red sky, and a vast, mountainous city seemingly hanging in space off the edge of a cliff that seems to stretch on forever, with no far side.  Dreams, though, are not the only disturbing occurrences.  Meghan, Simon, and Alex begin to hear, and even see, bizarre and sometimes terrifying creatures that no one else can perceive.  Gradually, they learn about an approaching catastrophe of staggering proportions:  the impending collision of two universes, which would destroy everything that currently exists in both.  And one of those universes is our own.

The prevention of this cosmic catastrophe centers around a single, small tree in the middle of a garden at the top of the gigantic tower crowning the city that floats on the edge of the Chasm.  Alex, Simon, and Meghan find themselves in the seemingly impossible position of needing to help that tree carry out its preventive task.

However, this is not as simple as it might seem (har).  For there is an Other, an indescribable entity, out there in between the universes.  It, and its pawns, want very much for the collision to happen.  Our heroes must try to avoid discovery by this thing of anti-sanity, to do whatever small part they can to counter its wishes, and then—hopefully—to return to their normal lives as before.  They know they will probably not succeed completely at all three goals.

Well, there it is, a quick synopsis/teaser/summary/trailer for The Chasm and the Collision.  I’m planning on creating a few meme-style promotional images to put out into the cyberverse, to garner a bit of excitement.  If the story I described above sounds to you like it might be a good one, then please keep your ears pricked and your eyes peeled.  I’ll let you know when it’s available.

If you want to find out whether you like my fiction writing style, there are two free samples here on the blog:  “I For One Welcome Our New Computer Overlords,” and Prometheus and Chiron.  Give them a read—they’re relatively short, the latter more than the former—and give me feedback, if you like.  Do remember that, unlike the two above stories, The Chasm and the Collision (CatC), is a family-friendly novel.  Though it can be scary at times, and certainly there is some violence in it, as in essentially all fantasy adventures, it isn’t gory violence.  There’s no sex, no drugs, and very little rock ‘n’ roll.  There aren’t even any effing swear words.  What the frak is that all about?

Okay, I’ll stop now before I bore you too much.  Soon I’ll begin my rundown and discussion of my favorite villains, and I think I’m going to begin with one of my personal favorites:  The psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter.  In the meantime, you fly back to school now, little starlings.


The Chasm and the Collision: Chapter 7 is now available


My apologies to those who were expecting CatC chapter 7 to be available in the middle of the month.  That was the plan, of course, but I have been in transition back to Florida, into a new dwelling (that sounds more impressive than “little house”, doesn’t it?), and restarting my “day job,” after a bit of a hiatus, so things have been a bit erratic.  It is, in any case, available here, now.  The schedule should self-correct now, and I plan to release Mark Red:  Chapter 14 at the end of November as planned…which will only be a few days from now.

I think this chapter of CatC is a particularly good one.  Our heroes are caught up in what seems to be a peaceful discussion with the people who abducted them from near their school, and they learn about a monstrous danger that threatens…well, everything.  They also learn that something they have done, quite unwittingly, seems to have made that danger far greater.

Then, of course, they are faced with an immediate and surprising threat to their own lives, and that’s rarely a good thing.  To survive, Alex is forced to do something truly horrible that he doesn’t understand.

If you want to find out more…well, you know what to do.

On an unrelated note, I’ve decided to expand the publication of Paradox City, and instead of one novella, it’s going to contain three stories of mine.  The title of the compilation will now be “Welcome to Paradox City,” unless some clearly better title comes along, and the cover will be suitably adjusted.  It should come out sometime in the next month or so, I suspect.

In the meantime, Son of Man is in the process of being edited, which of course will take some time, given the fact that it is a full-length novel.  We’re also not ready with a cover yet, but there’s still time for that, so don’t panic…

I’m also going to be making an announcement soon about a change in the process of my non-publishing/writing-related content in the future, so keep your ears pricked and your eyes open (but please, don’t keep your eyes pricked…that can lead to expensive visits to the ophthalmologist).

Lest anyone worry about what’s happened to my writing during my transition, I can at least reassure you:  I have continued to write at least 5 to 6 days a week, never less than 1400 words a day, and usually more.  So, much that is new will continue to be forthcoming.

Well, that’s everything for the moment.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a reasonably sane Black Friday.


Mark Red: Chapter 13 now available–Your demi-vampire Halloween treat!


Happy Halloween, everyone!

I didn’t plan this, tough I did mention it before, but it turns out that Mark Red: Chapter 13 is now available on Kindle, just in time for trick-or-treating.  I think it’s especially wonderful that the thirteenth (!) chapter is the one that came up on this date.  Ooooooh, spooooooky!  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  (I only wish that Paradox City could have been ready for publication today…it’s definitely a Halloween-appropriate story.  Sigh.)

In this chapter, Mark tells Morgan about the apparitions he’s been encountering, only to have them stop appearing. Then he meets with Jean, and at that meeting he has another surprising revelation, one that nearly leads to horrifying consequences.  Enjoy!  It’s only $0.99–less expensive than most candy is nowadays!–and 50% of the royalties, as always, go to literacy charities.  What more could you ask for on what is, perhaps, the most literary of all celebrations?

Enjoy your Halloween everyone.  It’s my own personal favorite holiday, and I suspect it’s that for a lot of other people as well.  Don’t eat too much candy (if that’s not a nonsensical notion), and of course, be safe, and keep your kids safe.


The Chasm and the Collision: Chapter 6 is now available!


Okay, everyone, just a quick little blurb here to let you know that chapter six of The Chasm and the Collision (aka CatC to me), is now available on Amazon Kindle.  Just click here, or on the picture above to take a look.

The picture, by the way, is a new cover I’ve decided to use, which is actually the resurrection of a design I had originally intended to use from the start for all the chapters.  This was before I had to go “away”, if you will, and so wasn’t able to have my original intent carried out.  Not to worry, though, things are now finally coming around.

This release is ever-so-slightly behind schedule, because I’ve been distracted by having finished Son of Man so recently, and by all the work I’m doing to get all the handwritten portions thereof finally rewritten.  I’m also plowing ahead on the next chapter of Mark Red, which has a bit of fun in it, and doing the rewriting of my not-so-short story Paradox City, which is going to be available soon.  I’ve actually got a cover pretty much ready for that story.  I’ll be posting it within the next several days to get your feedback, if you would like to give some.

Speaking of feedback, I would still love to hear from you about whether you think Son of Man should be published serially, as I’m doing with Mark Red and CatC, or if I should just publish it all in one shot–the full novel, no waiting (see my last post).  I’m leaning toward the latter choice, but I would love to hear from you about your preferences.  Also, if you have anything else you’d like to say–about my fiction, or about my blog writing, or about anything else at all in the world–please feel free to leave a comment below, or to stop by my Facebook, Twitter, G+, or even LinkedIn page.  I’m not shy…I’m just an introvert.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Remember, when you buy anything of mine that’s published on Amazon (or anywhere else, for that matter), I will give half of the royalties to reading/literacy charities such as RIF.  That way you can read a good story (in my opinion at least, biased though that opinion is), and at the same time help spread the gift of reading to others.

All the best.  TTFN!

P.S.  By the way, tomorrow IS my birthday, and if you want to do something nice for me (some people do, believe it or not), then please give me your feedback on the serialization issue with respect to Son of Man.  Alternatively, if you have read any of my writing on Kindle, please leave a review!

Also, of course, if you haven’t read any of my work…well, please give some a read.  Each chapter is basically only a buck, and you help promote literacy while you enjoy reading, yourself.

TTFNA…ta-ta for now, again!

Mark Red: Chapter 12 is now on Amazon

Mark Red 12

Okay, this is just going to be a very brief post to let everyone know that Mark Red:  Chapter 12 is now available on Amazon Kindle.  As usual, it’s only 99 cents, and 50% of the proceeds go to literacy charities such as RIF, so it’s a chance to read and to help share the gift of reading at the same time.

Now for a Fair Warning:  My next post is going to be a bit political, as well as a bit more personal, in some ways, than my more recent ones have been.  I’ve got a bit of an axe to grind (not the one about the fact that in America we lazily drop the “e” off the end of the word “axe”, annoying though that is).  Well, it’s high time to start the grinding.  Look forward to it…if you dare.  ^_^