My Books

Here are the covers of my published books, available for Kindle, as well as links to their locations on Amazon (just click on the cover).

Remember, 50% of all royalties will go to literacy charities such as RIF (Reading Is Fundamental).


Three men. Three dark journeys.
One man enters a room that should not exist and discovers a mysterious book containing secrets of dreadful power.
Another man discovers in himself an ability that will reveal mysteries of life…and death.
A third man enters a popular nightclub, where seemingly impossible events are commonplace, and where his life is changed…forever.
Welcome to realms of darkness, fear, and wonder. Welcome to Paradox City.



“On a bright, clear, early autumn day…the world changed suddenly for David McCarthy.”
While on his way to the library to study, college student David abruptly finds himself in a featureless, cylindrical room. There he meets two men named Anderson and Greer who tell him that he is now more than two hundred years in the future.
Anderson and Greer reveal that they have brought David to their present for a reason: The world they live in is controlled by a powerful entity known to all as the Father…and they want David to help set them free from his reign.
As for why they have chosen David for this purpose…that is the most unbelievable, and the most terrible, revelation of all.