This is today’s blog post

Well, yesterday morning I wrote a blog post—the first draft thereof, anyway—that I didn’t post, because I ended up being forced to make my way back to the house as my abdominal pains became rather worse, and I ended up staying at the house all day, which is quite frustrating.

Weirdly enough, though I often feel very unmotivated to go in to the office, I’m even more unmotivated to make my way back to the house at the end of the day.  It’s not as though there’s anything at the house that’s more exciting for me than the office, or anything that I do in my spare time other than lay around and watch some random YouTube videos while I wait to be able to go to sleep.

Helpful hint—or, at least, hint, helpful or otherwise—if you’re trying to get to sleep, it can be useful to put on a longish YouTube video that you’ve seen several times before, preferably something you enjoyed, but which now holds no surprises for you.  That way your mind can be engaged enough to keep from wandering onto distracting topics, but not so engaged as to keep you awake.  Indeed, you may perhaps be able to connect to something familiar enough that it feels comfortable and so actually helps you get to sleep.

I don’t know whether that’s good advice or not, or if it will work for anyone but me.  For all I know, it’s a terrible idea, even for me, but it does seem to help me get to sleep when it occurs to me to use it.  But getting to sleep has never been my major problem.  Staying asleep is my difficulty, which gets worse as the night goes on.

Anyway, that’s all neither here nor there.  Returning to what I mentioned in the opening of this post, I’m going to post yesterday’s post as well as today’s, since I might as well post it, though I’ll have to edit it at least a little bit before I do.  I’m sure it’s quite rough, being a first draft.

As for today, there’s little to say, though at least the first part of that sentence has a bit of a rhyme in it, which is always nice.  I’m going to the office, of course, because Wednesday is the day I have to do payroll, and there’s going to be some catching up to do since I was out yesterday.  I hate taking days off, since the next day always feels more than twice as stressful, especially since payroll adds to the issues.

And, of course, they just announced that the train for which I’m waiting is going to be ten to fifteen minutes late, though on the tracker site it’s listed as 19 minutes late, so they’re lying, or underestimating the issue in their overhead announcement.  I don’t understand why there are so many delays, and so often, on a commuter train.  It’s not as though the weather is bad.  It’s sixty-nine degrees out at five-fifteen in the morning, and there’s essentially no wind.  There’s certainly no rain.

Oh, well.  The world is frustrating.  Unless you’ve got some vested interest in it, I can’t say I could recommend to anyone that they come here, let alone stay here.  Maybe it’s just south Florida that’s the issue.  Maybe I should try heading back up to Michigan.  It’s a long walk, so it would take quite a while, but it might be worth the trip.

I guess we’ll see.

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