Hole for a Heart

Well, here it is, fresh for the pre-Halloween weekend.  Hope you enjoy it!





Robert Elessar

© 2017 by Robert Elessar.  All rights reserved.  Any reproduction of this work by any means, without express, written consent of the author, is strictly prohibited.


      Jonathan Lama drove west on Interstate 80 on a warm, late spring day, headed toward Chicago.  The journey was at least partly an excuse to test his recently purchased ’97 Mustang convertible.  He was not a car aficionado, but he liked the Mustang, and he had a good friend named Ron Gardner, who was a mechanic and lived near him.  When Jon had been looking for a car, and had found the Mustang for a very good asking price, Ron had practically offered to pay for half of the vehicle just for the chance to be able to work on and restore it.  Ron plied his trade only part-time—and under-the-table—since a severe back injury had left him both eligible for disability benefits and honestly unable to work a full schedule.  He was, however, good at his what he did, and he had finally pronounced the car ready for long-distance travel.  Everything else he wanted to do to it was purely cosmetic. Continue reading