“Mark Red” is now available on Kindle!

Okay, everyone, good news!  At long last, “Mark Red” – the complete novel – is available for purchase through Amazon Kindle, here.

In addition, we are currently formatting “Mark Red” for the paperback edition, which will soon be available as well.  It will probably be somewhat more expensive in paperback, but you will also have the option of buying both formats together for a discount, so keep you eyes open.  (You’ll also, in principle, be able to get it autographed by the author, so that’s something to keep in mind!)

In addition, we will soon be formatting both “Son of Man” and “Welcome to Paradox City” for paperback as well, and these too will be available for purchase, with the same deal as listed above.

Keep your eyes open.  If you like modern vampire stories, check out “Mark Red.”  And remember, 50% of royalties go to literacy charities!


Mark Red: Chapter 14 is now available

Mark Red 14 cover

Hello all.  Not a lot new to say today, except that Mark Red:  Chapter 14 is, as the above title clearly states, now available.  You can go here to purchase it.  As always it is a mere 99 cents, and 50% of the royalties go to literacy charities such as RIF.

Mark’s in real trouble, now, and not just because he realized that, when he discovered that he really liked Jean, what he really wanted to do was drink her blood.  Not a very romantic show of affection.  On top of that, he’s now stuck without Morgan’s guidance, because she hasn’t shown up as usual…and Mark needs to try to find her.

I’m going to try to put together a non-writing-related post soon.  Keep alert!


Mark Red: Chapter 13 now available–Your demi-vampire Halloween treat!


Happy Halloween, everyone!

I didn’t plan this, tough I did mention it before, but it turns out that Mark Red: Chapter 13 is now available on Kindle, just in time for trick-or-treating.  I think it’s especially wonderful that the thirteenth (!) chapter is the one that came up on this date.  Ooooooh, spooooooky!  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  (I only wish that Paradox City could have been ready for publication today…it’s definitely a Halloween-appropriate story.  Sigh.)

In this chapter, Mark tells Morgan about the apparitions he’s been encountering, only to have them stop appearing. Then he meets with Jean, and at that meeting he has another surprising revelation, one that nearly leads to horrifying consequences.  Enjoy!  It’s only $0.99–less expensive than most candy is nowadays!–and 50% of the royalties, as always, go to literacy charities.  What more could you ask for on what is, perhaps, the most literary of all celebrations?

Enjoy your Halloween everyone.  It’s my own personal favorite holiday, and I suspect it’s that for a lot of other people as well.  Don’t eat too much candy (if that’s not a nonsensical notion), and of course, be safe, and keep your kids safe.


Mark Red: Chapter 12 is now on Amazon

Mark Red 12

Okay, this is just going to be a very brief post to let everyone know that Mark Red:  Chapter 12 is now available on Amazon Kindle.  As usual, it’s only 99 cents, and 50% of the proceeds go to literacy charities such as RIF, so it’s a chance to read and to help share the gift of reading at the same time.

Now for a Fair Warning:  My next post is going to be a bit political, as well as a bit more personal, in some ways, than my more recent ones have been.  I’ve got a bit of an axe to grind (not the one about the fact that in America we lazily drop the “e” off the end of the word “axe”, annoying though that is).  Well, it’s high time to start the grinding.  Look forward to it…if you dare.  ^_^