This is not a regular Thursday post.

Hello all and good morning.  I’m going to be thoroughly brief:. I’m at the house, lying down and trying to rest today, because my back and legs and feet are killing me.  There was flooding all around the area last night and at various times just walking to (and then from) the bus, I had to navigate* though regions newly dominated by water that was ankle deep and deeper.  I took many odd steps and my balance was often awkward.  Probably the air pressure and humidity and all that aren’t helping, but that’s more speculative.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening.  I’m alive, for better or worse, so you don’t need to be worried**.  Hopefully the resting will help and by tomorrow I’ll be better able to move and will write a better post.


*Almost using the original meaning of that word.

**Or my condolences, as the case may be.

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