Dr. Elessar’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Cover picture version 2

[Link to the hardcover edition]

Open the Cabinet doors.

Behind them lies a peculiar collection of events, items, and people from the amazing to the horrible…

A door knocking at three in the morning, though there’s no one on the porch.

A man who suddenly appears one night, banished to a city in the heart of America from a place to which it’s impossible for anyone ever to return.

A destitute woman withdrawing from drugs, seated on a bench in a train station, but only one man can see her.

A pet locked in a black SUV on the hottest day of the year, and a well-meaning passerby who may learn anew where the road paved by his good intentions leads.

A game of solitaire dealt by a man suffering from crippling depression as he ponders his future and that of his family.

An act of generosity by a lonely salesman that may change the nature of earthly intelligence forever.

A scarecrow crucified under a tree in Pennsylvania, the unchanging memorial of a man of reputedly supernatural evil…or perhaps the body of the man himself.

And lurking in the shadowed heart of a bizarre, unfinished house, a creature or force that neatly slices the fingers off a nine-year-old boy’s right hand leaving crystals of ice on the wounds—a creature or force that may be only the least terrifying thing within this horrible dwelling-to-be.

Come.  Open the doors.  Look inside.

The Cabinet seems small, but it is deceptively deep.  And in places it is…

Dark.  Too dark to see clearly.

But surely, you can safely open it, look inside, and simply close the doors again.  Surely, such a Cabinet is too narrow for you to stumble into and become lost, never to find your way out again.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Elessar’s Cabinet of Curiosities

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