A Brief Update

I haven’t been writing for this blog as often as I would like to, lately, and I certainly haven’t been writing much about writing, so I thought that it was time to change that status.

Just a bit of an update, for those who are following its progress:  the rewrite of Mark Red is proceeding steadily.  I am almost finished with the first go-through (if that’s a term), but there is more work to do, and of course, the final edits will need to be done before it’s released as a single volume.  I think it will be well worth the effort, however, and the final product will be very much improved.

I have also, as I think I might have told you all before, been writing a “short story.”  Please note the scare quotes.  I have a difficult time keeping my stories very short, though I do try.  In fact, on this one, rather than writing my usual 3 to 4 new pages a day, as I usually do when working on a first draft, I have forced myself to write only one page a day (roughly), keeping the rest of my time focused on Mark Red.  I don’t know if it’s kept the story shorter than it would have been otherwise – I’m coming to doubt that – but it certainly is making the story take longer to write than it would have otherwise.  As I’ve noted before. I plan to post the finished product here, for the readers’ enjoyment and feedback.  We’ll see what you think.

Of course, after all of this awaits the completion of the rewrite of The Chasm and the Collision, then a return to my new novel Unanimity…and all the other waiting works beyond that.  It’s an exciting journey in which to be involved.  I hope you’ll all join me.


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