This Blog Entry Has No Title

I meant to write this blog entry last week, but I got distracted and then got a bit ill, so I put it off like a pansy (or some other kind of flower…flowers in general are notorious procrastinators).  So now I’m writing it, a bit on the late side, to the massive relief of those who have been anxiously anticipating it (no one).

I wanted to make a few announcements and give a few updates.  So I will.

First, there is a collection of blog entries that I had unpublished here, with the idea of starting a separate blog for my political reflections.  This blog was then to be kept more or less entirely for my author-related productions.  But then I thought, “The name of this blog is, after all.  Not or  Why should I try to segregate one part of my being from another?  Why should I behave as if, when acting as a writer of fiction, I have no strong political views or axes to grind?  Am I to attempt to live a lie?  Am I to put forward a façade, to fracture my identity in pieces in order to maintain some ironic pretense at unity?  Is it wrong for a writer of fiction also to put forward his views on political matters, even those that have had a profound and sometimes devastating impact upon his own life?  NO!!  I shall not succumb to that cowardly pressure!  I shall present my whole self, in all its parts, to the world, let the chips fall where they may, and other clichés.  As Whitman wrote, ‘I am large, I contain multitudes.’  Let the multitudes have their say, messy though it may be.”

Also, it’s a pain in the ass to try to maintain two separate blogs.

So, with all that in mind, I am going to be re-publishing my old, politically-oriented blogs, including some that are several years old (there is a long hiatus in my blog entries between, say 2013 and 2015, during which time I was a guest of the Florida Department of Corrections).  I may re-release them all at once, or I may get them out in dribs and drabs.  There will be little rhyme or reason to my decision in this matter; I’m going to do it as the mood strikes me.  I do hope you enjoy them, or at least find them thought-provoking.  I encourage comment and discussion on all of my blog posts.  I often don’t GET it, but I do encourage it.

Now, on to other matters.

The editing of Mark Red is proceeding apace, but it is laborious and often frustrating.  I can certainly tell that I was writing it under far-from-ideal circumstances to which, especially at the beginning, I had not yet adapted.  I suppose I should congratulate myself for having done it at all, given that through which I was going (Well done, me, well done), but Oy!  In any case, it’s probably going to be a few months, at least, before it’s in any shape to release.

I’m also, as I carry on the above herculean task, writing a new short story.  I had to do some new fiction writing, because going so long without producing anything new was making me depressed.  It’s a bit of an unusual story, I think, but I like it so far, which is a nice.  It’s usually a bad thing if an author doesn’t like his or her story even as he or she is writing it.  In any case, I think what I’m going to do once the story is done, and edited, and whatnot (you can’t skip the whatnot) is simply to publish it here, on my blog.  I released the fragment of short story “In the Shade,” so why not a whole story?

Regarding the short story fragments:  I have some other old bits of uncompleted short fiction lying around, including my beginnings of a Harry Potter fanfic (it’s quite dark…Harry Potter lends itself nicely to dark fanfics in my opinion).  I may post some of them here, just for fun.  We’ll see.

I also have some old, lost short stories that I think I am going to attempt to rewrite.  One of them won an award many years ago, when I was in high school (the NCTE award…only two were given in each state!  Well done, me, well done).  The other is a very dark short story I wrote during the summer in college one night while keeping my then-girlfriend company as she crammed to complete an assignment for her summer job.  It was a pretty good story, though very depressing, and I’ve always regretted that I didn’t do anything with it, and of course that I have lost it along with all my other worldly possessions.

However, I have forgotten almost nothing about those two stories, and recreating them should be more or less simply a matter of scratching and scribbling, scribbling and scratching, so to speak.  I shall probably release them, as well, on this page.

Of course, I shall (after finishing the rewrite and release of Mark Red) complete my rewrite and release The Chasm and the Collision.  And then I shall return to the very dark sci-fi/fantasy/horror novel, Unanimity, which I forced myself to interrupt in order to complete all of my hitherto uncompleted work.

Well, that’s the update, hope you’ve liked it.  Further bulletins will be forthcoming as events warrant.


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