The Chasm and the Collision: Chapter 8 is now available


Okay, everybody, Chapter 8 of CatC is now available here, for your purchase.  It’s a bit of a long chapter because there’s a lot of things that get revealed to our young heroes…and by someone who may be a bit unusual as a character in a novel.  Remember, the cost of the chapter is only $0.99, and 50% of the royalties go to literacy charities.

In other news, I am almost ready to release “Welcome to Paradox City,” my small collection of dark stories.  I plan on releasing it early in 2016, probably on the weekend following New Years.  I’ve got the cover ready, and of course, the stories are all done.

And in yet OTHER news…I’ve decided that, from now on, I’m going to be doing my politico-legal posts on a different blog, and to keep this blog for writing-related posts.  I’ve already re-posted the two recent articles from this blog on that blog, which is Here.

I hope you all have had and continue to have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year…but I hope to make the first part of 2016 at least a bit unsettling for you with “Welcome to Paradox City.”  I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best.



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